Hannah was very accommodating and I could’ve stayed for hours more because of it. I would absolutely do this again. I’ve always found beauty in everyone else, except myself. Now I believe that ALL bodies are beautiful, even mine! For any women interested in booking a boudoir session I'd say just go for it! It’s such a fun and empowering experience. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!


My biggest fear was feeling uncomfortable... I felt completely comfortable, at ease and relaxed. Hannah is fantastic and a genuinely, wonderful person! I would absolutely do this again! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I feel like the person I was years ago, and I have missed her so much. I did not realize how much I have been trying to hide myself from others until I did this. A door has been opened inside of me, and I don’t ever want it shut again.


Hannah was wonderful and has a great personality. She made the experience fun and made me feel beautiful in the process of it all.

Even after having two pregnancies and my body isn't ideal with stretch marks and loose skin, I am still beautiful and now I have these pictures to prove it.

I would tell the women interested in Boudoir to DO IT! Don't overthink it, just do it....


"I have been holding a camera my whole life. But I've found my true passion in Boudoir Photography. As women, we are programmed to not like our bodies and not trust our minds. Besides Boudoir being the "BEST GIFT EVER" for significant others, I love showing women that a Boudoir Photo Shoot is a way to step outside of that programming and just be themselves in a completely judgement free space. Be Sexy, Be Confident, Be Fierce and walk away with the most gorgeous and empowering pictures of yourself that will be a forever reminder of what a sexy badass you truly are inside and out!"

Hannah is a Boudoir Photographer located in San Jose, CA.










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Your Boudoir Experience

Every photo session is a boutique experience customized to each of our clients. We never shoot models, only everyday women just like you, so no worries we've got you covered. Our expertise is posing you from head to toe to flatter every beautiful curve you have.

Session Fee $350

*Hair & Makeup Always Included*

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